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One who keeps learning becomes successful. Education makes you knowledgeable; education makes you eligible; education makes you confident. Keep learning from anywhere, at any time, with MAPHA… an online learning platform for everyone!


Advantage for Users


Be one step ahead in the career market! A classic opportunity to learn almost everything including the regular curriculum. Utilize your time in learning and be one step ahead in the career market.


Share knowledge… Grow Knowledge!
A timeless opportunity to share your knowledge while growing it. Knowledge sharing and learning prospects for teachers, tutors, and trainers.


An enduring opportunity to empower the staff with various training. An empowered team will lead to enhanced business and higher profitability



  • Improvement of their subject knowledge and teaching methodology
  • Can access workbooks, preparation notes
  • Self appraisal of performance
  • Can improve their skills by subscribing VAL courses
  • Can take virtual classes to the students
  • Can create assessments to students


  • Improvement of their subject knowledge through systamatic Training
  • Can access workbooks, Class notes anywhere and at anytime
  • Can undergo the assessment tests created by teachers and access own performance
  • Can pursue other courses by subscribing VAL and also take online Tutions
  • Can chat with fiends and challenge them through Quiz and can earn credits

School Management

  • Improve in quality of teaching and measure teacher performance
  • MAPHA implementation is cost effective and very easy to implement
  • Can access the subject wise and topic wise performance of each and every teacher
  • Access the subject wise and topic wise performance of each and every student
  • Increase Enrolments in School
  • Digital Communication channel between teachers and students


  • Companies can get registered for this application
  • Companies can conduct online training programs for its employees with their own content or with the content provided by third party provider
  • The assessment of the employees for the attended training program can be done
  • Professionals can also opt for additional courses available of their interest
  • The knowledgeable and experienced professionals can opt to be tutors to share their knowledge and experience
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Mapha The Ultimate Learning App

MAPHA is a unique online platform developed for the Academic and Corporate sectors. Mapha stands unique as it houses the knowledge stations for Teachers, Students & Employer/Employees.
MAPHA aims to reach the smallest entity in the teaching-learning process & provides free online material for all. Online tutorials, Online courses, Online Assessments, Free Online Mentors all are available under one roof.
MAPHA is an intellectual interface made for both service providers & service seekers as well. Service providers like Publishers, Online Tutors, Educational Institutions, Motivational Lecturers & others can host their services here & the end users can utilize it as per their requirements with ease.

Most Awarded App


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Mapha Academic Modules

Academic Training

Thorough knowledge of academic subjects through notes, videos, and live sessions. Helps you be a master in academic subjects.


A library of supporting learning material for additional references in the form of notes, discussions, and practical videos.


A continuous evaluation process to ensure that you have understood what you have learned. Makes what you have learned tangible in your brain.


Live Session

Actual time sessions to address to the students or the company staff whenever needed. Helps to convey the information without any delay.


Yearly, monthly, and topic-wise scheduling of teaching sessions can be done. Helps in carrying out a systematic execution of a course or an academic year.

Teacher Evaluation

Allows providing feedback and rating the teacher. Helps in continuous improvement in the knowledge and teaching process.

Mapha General Modules

Value-added Learning

An add-on feature designed to offer the pool of knowledge to the students on any subject. Helps students get a sound understanding of a subject.


Online platform for the tutors to host their courses on any subject. These additional training programs help students to be all-rounders.

Mentor Guidance

Right mentoring changes your life. Get the proper guidance about the academics and the career from qualified and experienced mentors.


Active Feed

News, notices, or messages for the students can be posted here. Helps to convey any vital information to all students at once.


An interactive space provided for everyone to ask questions or to provide answers. A powerful platform to get answers to your questions.


Based on the concept of ‘Learn with Fun.’ The students can play these educational games with the other students logged in at that time.

App Screenshoots

Here are the various features you can see on the app. We have made genuine efforts to make this app user-friendly.


Pick The Best Plan

These are incredibly reasonable plans that we have worked out to make this app affordable to everyone. Choose the plan that best suits your requirements.

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  • Access to Free Acamdemic Training Content
  • Ad Free Content Access

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24/7 support
  • Contact Sales Team

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This endeavor wouldn’t have been accomplished without our core team. Miracles happen when dynamic, talented, and visionary people come together.


CA Phani Kumar M

Founder and CEO

Srinath Reddy


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